Point Of Sales & Merchandising Management

POSM is a customised dashboard which provides a detailed process for all your instore POS/Merchandising programs, from managing budgets to instore execution and granular reporting.

The POSM platform will simplify the management of your POS by providing complete control of your end-to-end process.


  • Customise dashboard
  • Manage your budgets
  • Activity calendar
  • Manage local and global sourcing
  • Manage inventory -Logistics & Distribution
  • Manage in-store activation and reporting
  • Reduce Waste
  • Availability of real time information
  • Granular reporting on each activation
  • Granular reporting on inventory

Meet Bob & Jane, two merchandising managers working for two different FMCG companies. Bob uses the traditional way to manage the Point of sales programs for his BIG FMCG company and Jane uses POSMM to manage her programs, leading to two different outcomes.

If you are interested in working smarter like Jane, email your interest saying “Tell me more” to thatssmart@bdynamic.com.au